बुधवार, 21 सितंबर 2011



It is the main therapeutic application of Ayurved. This process is specially designed for the body detoxification. It cleans away the vitiated material out of the body. The lifestyle & food habits which do not suit to our body constitution leads to formation & deposition of toxins in the body. This brings out low immunity, low energy & ultimately the diseases. It not only disturbs our daily routine but can also cause our progeny to suffer.
To detoxify our body the following Panchakarma processes are applied. -
The pre Procedure (Poorva Karma) includes Oliation & Sudation of the body.
  • Vaman (Vomiting)
  • Virechan (Purgation)
  • Asthapan Basti (Decoction Enema)
  • Anuvasav Basti (Medicated Oil Enema)
  • Nasya (Errhines)
The post Panchakarma Procedure (Paschat Karma) includes typical diet regimen followed by the Rejuvenation.
Supplementary Panchakarma procedures:
  • Pinda swed 
    (Fomentation with medicated Poultice-Useful in Joint pain, Spondylitis, Sciatica..)
  • Massage
     (Oil & Powder Massages-Head, Local & full body massages to relieve toxins from blood & skin. It also relaxes & rejuvenates body by nourishing it.)
  • Shirodhara
     (Continuous pouring of liquid medicine on mid of fore head- Useful to relax nervous system & to gain peace of the mind.)
  • Blood Letting
     (Blood letting with Leeches or Syringes-To take out vitiated humours from blood usually in skin diseases like Eczema, Psoriasis…)
  • Netra Basti
     (Medicated Oil application by making dove around the Eyes-Very useful remedy for increasing eye Power.)
  • Kati Basti
     (Medicated Oil application by making dove around the Lumbo Sacral joint-It gives nourishment to the nerves & beneficial in the spinal diseases.)
  • Hruday Basti
     (Medicated Oil application by making dove around the Heart-Useful remedy in the Cardiac Pain & Coronary Diseases.)
  • Nabhi Basti
  • Shiro Basti
  • Agnikarma



Diet Consultation

According to Ayurved -“The diet which nourishes both the mental & physical built, is a balanced diet.” That is “the food reflects on our body as well as mind.
To maintain a healthy constitution we need balanced food & diet habits. It builds well-nourished tissues & maintains healthy life. The diet should be followed exclusively in diseased as well as healthy states.
Moreover it should be followed according to different seasons & places too. Ayurvedic diet mode is purely based on its effect according to elemental composition of body & food