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Anemia is a condition usually associated with lack of hemoglobin (red blood cells) in the body. It normally occurs due to deficiency of nutrients like iron and vitamins.
The red blood cells in the body are responsible to carry oxygen to various cells and organs. The oxygen is important for the life and existence of these cells.
It is hence important to have optimum levels of hemoglobin levels maintained in the body.
On this page we will discuss the symptoms causes and natural treatment options for Anemia using alternative treatment methods like Ayurveda and herbs.
Other names: Iron deficiency, low hemoglobin
Symptoms Anemia by itself does not has any alarming symptom. The symptoms may vary from case to depending upon the underlying condition.
If you or any of your friend is experiencing any of the following symptoms, chances are that they are suffering from Anemia.
  • Feeling of weakness or fatigue - even after taking adequate rest and diet.
  • Unexplained Weight loss
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Irregular shape of the nails
  • Pale skin


  • Physical examination - skin color, nail shape and texture.
  • Usually a blood test is required to determine the level of hemoglobin.

Root cause:

  • The root cause for Anemia is improper digestion OR lack of intake of healthy foods.
  • People who do not consume foods rich in Vitamins like Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin b12 are more prone to Anemia.

Treatment approach

In severe cases of Anemia blood transfusion may be required. But in most cases Anemia can be treated by simple modifications in the diet.

Treatment with Natural Ayurvedic herbs & home remedies

Take the following foods regularly in your diet.
- Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Fenugreek and Spinach for Iron
- Beet root juice mixed with Carrot Juice for essential Vitamins and Iron.
- Spinach is considered to be the best source of Iron.
- Groundnuts and sprouts for folic acid and protein.
- Milk and dairy product for Vitamin B12.
- Aamla and citrus fruits like Oranges for Vitamin C.
Regular intake of healthy foods along with moderate exercise to improve digestion can normalize the levels of hemoglobin.